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DST timer are off by an hour?

Last Updated on2020-09-28 10:55:42
DST timer are off by an hour?
Dear user, we are sorry for your inconvenience. The time zone of your device is set based on the time zone configured on your mobile phone (or other smart devices) when it is used to connect the device to the network. To change the time zone of your device already connected to a network, first change the time zone in the system settings of the mobile phone. Then remove the device, reconnect it to the network, and add it again (Currently, except for readd device, it does not support other ways to change the daylight saving time). Please delete the original timer then edit a new one to accommodate the DST. If the problem still exists, please remove the device and add it again. We will try to optimize the problem and do better to provide our users with a better experience! Thank you for your support and understanding.
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