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What should I do when a timed task is not performed correctly?

Last Updated on2020-09-28 01:53:32
What should I do when a timed task is not performed correctly?
Dear user, we are sorry for your inconvenience. Please check in the following ways:
  1. Ensure that your device is powered on and turned on.
  2. Ensure that your device has strong and stable Wi-Fi signals and is in the online state in the app.
  3. After the device is scheduled, the device has not been shut down or reset, because shutting down or resetting the device will interrupt the timing process of the device;
  4. Ensure that the validity period of the scheduled task is correct. Tap Timing and check whether Repeat covers the required validity period (Monday to Sunday available) of the task.
  5. If the validity period is correct, delete the timed task and add a new one.
  6. If it is a Wi-Fi device, the device may be disconnected from the network, so time-related functions are invalid.
  7. If it is a Bluetooth device, it cannot always be connected to the phone, so it must be equipped with a Bluetooth gateway to ensure that the time-related functions of the device remain normal.
  8. If it is a Zigbee device, it must be connected to a Zigbee gateway in order to obtain time and keep time-related functions normal.
  9. If the timing does not take effect at the time you set, it may be that the time zone of your device is inconsistent with the time zone of your location;
  10. If the problem is not improved, please restore the device to factory defaults through the app, set the timer task again after adding the device again.
If the issue persists, provide us with your device ID and the specific time when the task failed (the configured validity period, time when the task failed to run, or time when the task ran but at an unexpected time). We will arrange for technical support engineers to troubleshoot this issue.
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