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App (iOS) build failure prompt

Last Updated on2020-09-28 03:44:01
App (iOS) build failure prompt
[1] Prompting "mobileprovision does not match the P12 file". This problem can be checked by the following two points: 1. When creating the mobileprovision configuration file and the push certificate (that is, the second certificate and the third configuration certificate are made in the operation manual) you need to select the package name of your APP. You may not select the package name of this APP, so that the file does not match. When there are multiple APPs under your account, you need to select it. Howere, if there is only one APP under your account, there is no such problem. 2. The wrong certificate was selected during the creation of the mobileprovision configuration file. As the following figure, multiple certificates appear on the page. At this time, you can check the date and select the closest creating date. If you feel that you cannot solve it through the troubleshooting, it is recommended that you delete the previously created certificate and operate it again according to the manual. [2] Prompting "iOS 12 needs to enable the Access Wi-Fi Information permission" Please enable and regenerate the mobileprovision file, please re-create your certificate according to the iOS certificate operation manual: https://docs.tuya.com/zh/iot/ app-development/oem-app/ios-push/ios-push?id=K989rskj262hu
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