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What is the difference between EZ mode and AP mode?

Last Updated on2020-03-02 02:44:35
What is the difference between EZ mode and AP mode?
EZ mode: Smartconfig means that the mobile APP sends a UDP broadcast packet or a multicast packet containing the WIFI username WIFI password. The WIFI chip of the intelligent terminal can receive the UDP packet, as long as the UDP organization form is known, The WIFI username and password are decrypted by the received UDP packet, and then the WIFI username and password received by the intelligent hardware configuration are sent to the designated WIFI AP.
AP mode: APP configures the mobile phone to connect to the intelligent hardware (AP of the WIFI chip). The mobile phone and the WIFI chip directly establish communication, and the WIFI user name and the WIFI password to be configured are sent to the intelligent hardware, and the intelligent hardware can be connected at this time. Configured on the router.