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What's the reasons for failure of enterprise certification?

Last Updated on2020-06-19 06:28:28
What's the reasons for failure of enterprise certification?
There are three common reasons:
1. The input of the public account is incorrect. At present, the vast majority of authentication failures are caused by incorrect input of public accounts by enterprises. Incorrect input of public accounts will result in payment failure. Banks will not return any information if the payment fails. The user will receive the information authentication failure after 72 hours.
2. It is wrong to fill in the information of the bank account amount. Payment amount = random number between 0.01 and 0.99, please pay attention to identification. If the error is 3 times, the company cannot be certified within 24 hours.
3. Failed to verify the authenticity of enterprise information. Including the company name, social credit code, and legal person name, if the information is incorrectly filled in more than 5 times, it will take 24 hours to continue the certification. Note: Please fill in and proofread your business information carefully, usually the above information can be certified if you fill in the correct information.