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What is the Bluetooth mesh gateway?

Last Updated on2020-10-27 09:55:14
What is the Bluetooth mesh gateway?
Since the Bluetooth Mesh devices do not have the ability to access the Internet directly, they need a device that has both Bluetooth communication capabilities and networking capabilities. This device is a gateway. The gateway is the springboard for the Bluetooth Mesh device to connect to the Internet, so as to realize the function of remote control. The Bluetooth Mesh devices use Bluetooth communication and cannot directly communicate with the server. The Commands sent from the cloud will be issued to the Bluetooth Mesh device through the Bluetooth Mesh gateway; the status of the Bluetooth Mesh device can also be reported to the server through the gateway. Different from the Zigbee gateways, the Bluetooth Mesh gateways and Bluetooth Mesh devices have no affiliation. Without a Bluetooth Mesh gateway, the Bluetooth Mesh devices can also work normally.
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