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What's the advantages of Tuya?

Last Updated on2020-08-01 02:17:02
What's the advantages of Tuya?
Tuya Smart is a professional hardware intelligent solution provider with effective cost performance. Tuya Smart focuses on providing software and hardware solutions for intelligent cloud services and the Internet of Things, helping traditional hardware manufacturers to upgrade their products and quickly realize hardware intelligence. To realize the intelligence of the hardware, in addition to the hardware itself, it also needs to be implemented: intelligent cloud platform, APP, module. Each field needs a professional team to support. Tuya Smart provides a complete solution so that manufacturers only need to focus on the hardware itself. Realizing hardware intelligence at the lowest cost, and getting the most value-added products. Tuya Smart has five advantages as follows:
1. Barrier-free: standardized solutions, flexible customer choice, Tuya one-stop solution for product pairing, app development and cloud services.
2. High efficiency: Tuya has served more than 93,000 users in major categories such as electricians, lighting, household appliances, smart kitchens, environmental health, and security. It has very rich industry experience and resources, and has a fast research and development speed, reaching to completing intelligentization in 1 day, mass production in 15 days. The standard solution process is smooth, which can avoid the inefficient development cycle, communication, and collaboration methods of multiple parties, and the responsible parties are prone to disputes.
3. Globalization: The world's leading Tuya cloud service system using the world's largest service provider cluster (Ali Cloud and Amazon Cloud), global deployment of servers, service capabilities have covered all regions except Antarctica. Smart devices that provide services via Tuya can be plug-and-play, unimpeded, at home or abroad.
4. Flexible OEM: Flexible development of multiple brands to meet the demands of different brands.
5. Wide compatibility: mainstream smart access. Google Home, Amazon Echo are supported in foreign countries, and mainstream smart access such as Tmall Genie, Rokid, Ding Dong are supported in China. All smart scenarios are implemented by one APP.
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