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How many device categories Tuya supports?

Last Updated on2020-09-03 10:13:11
How many device categories Tuya supports?
Tuya supports intelligence of the following eight types of products: Electrical, lighting, home appliance, small appliance, kitchen appliance, security sensors, sports health and other 8 categories. Serving more than 93,000 customers including TCL, Ebo and other domestic and oversea clients. Tuya can help the client to finish intelligentization in 1 day and mass production in 15 days. Supported categories as below: 1. Electrical engineering products: smart switches, sockets, wall switches, etc.; 2. Lighting products: smart bulbs, light strips, and ambient lights, etc; 3. Large home appliances: air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and water heaters, etc; 4. Small home appliances: smart air purifiers, humidifiers, water purifiers, heaters, sweep robots, clothes rack and pet feeder, etc; 5. Kitchen appliances: milk machine, oven, baking ovens, soybean milk machine, rice cookers, Coffee machine, fridge and frying machines, etc; 6. Security protection sensors: garage door, door status sensors, gas detectors, temperature and humidity sensors, smart locks, cameras, and video doorbells, etc; 7. Exercise & health products: Massage chair, wristband, Sleep button, body fat scales and Sleep monitoring tape, etc; 8. Others: gateways, smart IR and plant growth machine, etc;
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