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How does Tuya Cloud ensure data security?

Last Updated on2020-09-08 04:05:07
How does Tuya Cloud ensure data security?
Tuya Cloud provides a five-layer security strategy to ensure the security of smart devices without the risk of information leakage.
1. Data encryption: Military-grade AES data encryption, even if the device is stolen, it cannot be deciphered.
2. Authorization and authentication: Tuya's algorithm guarantees data isolation, connection authentication, and requests for triple control.
3. Dynamic key: One machine with double-code dynamic key and dynamic password. It can also ensure device security under the case of algorithm exposure.
4. Channel encryption: https encryption Channel transmission to ensure the security of network transmission
5. Virtual device design: It can be quickly recovered even under hacking.
At the same time, corporate data is isolated for Tuya Cloud of enterprise customers to ensure the security of customer data. Tuya Cloud provides different data storage services for different business scenarios to encrypt and store some core data.
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