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What are the functions of the gyro sweeper?

Last Updated on2020-10-27 09:54:51
What are the functions of the gyro sweeper?
1. Do not repeat cleaning, but automatically navigate to the uncleaned area to clean without missing. 2. Automatic recharge 2.1, automatic recharging stand after sweeping, 2.2, Automatically be back to the recharging stand when being the low battery. 2.3, Button, remote control will automatically be back to therecharging stand 3. Built-in high-precision gyroscope, bow cleaning in the carpet type. It supports various floor cleaning such as carpet, tile, wood floors, etc. 4. Built-in infrared detection, slow down when encountering obstacles, intelligent obstacle avoidance. 5. Intelligent anti-entanglement function. 6. With language prompt function. 7. Support multiple wake-up methods such as buttons, remote control, mobile phone APP, etc. 8. Support the appointment function.
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